About Us

Our story begins back in March 2020. We, like millions all over the world, had gone into lockdown and were confined to the boundaries of our homes for an unknown period. With an increased focus on repetitive hand washing we began consuming thrice the amount of soap than we would any normal day.

Within a few days our skin felt tight and dry. For some of our friends and family members, the situation was worse as they had sensitive skin and could not use regular soaps. And for those with allergies, it was especially difficult. At this point we asked ourselves one simple question:

What makes a good soap that moisturizes, nourishes, and protects even the most sensitive skin?
In our quest to look for the best soap, we found the following four qualities that  are lacking in even the most premium soaps available in the local market:

Simplicity: The soap must be developed using traditional methods from Europe and the Middle East , and must be cured for at least six weeks. Creating a luxuriously rich soap that is exceptionally smooth and conditioning for your skin.

Organic: All 100% organic, naturally sourced and hypoallergenic ingredients must be used to make a gentle conditioning bar of soap.

Authenticity: All ingredients to be sourced directly from farms, assuring the best quality.

Purity: The soap must be 100% pure, free from parabens and fillers that is naturally gentle on your skin to bring out its inner radiance. This will cleanse and condition the skin, to allow it to breathe and come alive.

Our Solution

Our process starts with the selection of the purest oils, including coconut and castor. We then add organic yogurt infused with the various natural oils and ingredients like honey, peppermint, lime, and cinnamon to further enhance the antibacterial and energizing attributes of our soaps. Once our soaps are cut and ready, they are cured for up to six weeks and we do not use any artificial chemicals to dry or harden the soap bars.

After months of refinement, we finally had the answer to the question we had  originally asked ourselves... Field Organics! Today, we would like to share with you the finest premium soaps fully trusted by our family and friends and we hope that you benefit from our endeavors.

If you need more info, we can be reached out at contact@field-organics.com and you can follow our live daily updates on Instagram @fieldorganics4.